Who Is Tyra Banks?


If there is one celebrity that is well known, it is Tyra Banks. Actually, her three names are: Tyra Lynne Banks. She was born in Inglewood, California, on the 4th December 1973. Her mum was known as Carolyn, a medical photographer, and her dad, Don Banks, a computer consultant. At 6 years of age, her parents separated, making her stay with her mother on Monday to Friday, while with her dad on the weekends.


Eating habits and weight loss


Since she was a little kid, she had a liking for food, like fried chicken, pork chops, and candied yams. The love for food originated from her parents who used to tell her to enjoy it. When she attained eleven years, she began doing exercise with her mother. Also, she quit smoking when her grandmother died of lung cancer.


Being mean


When she was young, in middle school, she used to be a mean girl, according to herself. To her, she was a real gossiper that made other girls in her group suffer. Things turned out to a different direction when she joined Immaculate Heart High School. Other girls started calling her names like “Lightbulb Head” and “Giraffe” because of the growth that left her tall and gawky. Such treatment from girls made her learn the values of being a kind person.


Her teenage life


When she attained 17 years, her body started to become curvy, tall, chocolate complexion, and sort of greenish eyes. She started appearing on magazines and runaways covers. When she was in search of a modeling agency, some people criticized her that she looked sort of ethnic.


Luck came on her way in 1990, when she got a contract with a modeling agency known as Elite Model Management. Upon completing the school in 1991, she opted to go to Paris for further modeling on high-fashion runway. It is here that she gradually rose to become one of the world’s best supermodels. She soon began gaining weight and could not force herself to be on diet. She opted to return to the USA and focus on lingerie and swimwear modeling. Here is where she confesses that she got famous.


As a model


In 1996, she became the very first black lady to be on the GQ cover. The following year, she again appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. She later signed numerous expensive contracts with Victoria’s Secret and Cover Girl. She also got herself in the acting world and come 1993, she did her first debut on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and many others.


At Reality TV


Come 1993, she got herself in the world of reality. She was the creator, producer and host of the UPN show known as America’s Next Top Model. The show was actually a success in its first six seasons. In 2006, she was elected to be the head of a CW television network, a section of the Top Model.


In 2005, she also started some daytime talk show known as The Tyra Show. Apart from that, she also became the pioneer of a beauty and style website known as typeF.com. later in the month of September 2015, she started a talk show known as FABLife, though she quit it later to focus on her other businesses.